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Drew Simon Student

 The first day was a quiet one. It was just setting up the pit and busting out some much needed practice matches. Once our drive team found their groove however there was almost no stop. Over the next two days we managed to move up to 10th placed  in a competition of 40 teams! During the alliance selections we even got pushed up to the 8th seed meaning we became an alliance captain‚Äč. We competed against the first seed for our qualification matches and got knocked out, but hey our opponents currently hold the world record score of 506 so if we were gonna lose to anyone might as well be them. Can't wait for Midwest Regional in Chicago the potential for our team this year is absolutely insane. 

Drew Simon Mar 21 · Rate: 5
Tillie Pasternak Student
Open house was a success! On Sunday, February 19, students invited their parents and anyone interested to come over to Macarthur middle school and get to see the new building the robot is built in. They were shown around the build space and then taken to the theater to hear more about the partnership with Prospect Heights School District 23 that WildStang is apart of. Those who came even got to see a demo of last year's robot up close a personal! Officials from district 23 and 214 were there to announce the partnership. It was a great way to share what we've been working on with the districts and community. Overall the day was a blast and we would like to thank all who came and showed their support.

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